Whoscall helps you identify sources of calls and text messages that are not in your contacts.


Instant caller ID

Whoscall identifies background information of incoming unknown calls in seconds through tags reported by other users, search results on the internet, and our comprehensive global database.

Block unwanted calls

With Whoscall you can block calls and SMSes with only a flick and enjoy a harassment-free calling experience.

“I blocked much irrational call from Black Queen. Haha !”
- Magic Mirror

Tag numbers and share with others

Whoscall integrates user-created tags and constructs a reliable communication network for everyone.

Offline Database

By downloading our database to your device, you can identify unknown callers even if you do not have any internet access. The offline database also helps you get faster caller identifications.

※ The offline database is currently provided in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, USA, Thailand and Brazil etc.